Download video from YouTube With “SS”

Download video from youtube with ss is a very easy method to download video from youtube. You dont need to download any software, or pay for and license. This method allow you to download by typing "ss". You can download your choosen video FLV,MP4,MP3,MPEG and many more formats.Step-by-step instruction you can see by clicking read more.

Step 1. Open any video on YouTube. Anythink on internet have link. This is YouTube video link:

Step 2. Delete www. and paste ss like this:

Press Enter

Step 3. Now will open new website "Save From"

Here you can see your YouTube video link, video duration and formats. Click еще (more) and will open more formats for download.

Choose format, click and wait untill download completed.


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  2. May i know what is " SS " please ans me

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  5. OW...Thanks... I use this method to download videos from Youtube . Again Thanks

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  7. thanks a lot, my idm expired 30 days, I don't know how to download video from youtube.


    You can try this one as well

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  14. Thanks,
    If you want to download as an MP3

    Add "to" after "youtube"